Rise of the Fallen

A Heavenly Touch?

The party begins to clean up in the bloody aftermath of their struggle with the Reconciliators when a form darkens the doorway. This figure wears a white mask carved into the likeness of, or maybe it truly is, a skull. He wears no shirt, but a cloak protects him from the rain. There are runes on his cloak which Korric identifies as religious rites for burial, and spells to lure souls in so they may be guided to rest. Around him swirls a gray mist, that when studied closely, slightly resembles humanoid forms. He doesn’t speak much, but surveys the scene.

Eluvita tries to coax information out of him, but she doesn’t get much but a few short sentences. He explains that death is always waiting, it comes to all, and various other axioms. When asked why he is there, he says he was called here for one who should have died, but didn’t. He points at Eluvita as he says it.

He surveys the room further. He looks up and the same gray mist that swirls around this man starts to emanate from the dead bodies. Another tendril makes its way in from the alley. The various mists coalesce and join in with the rest swirling around this man’s form. You can gather that this man is a reaper of souls, Death himself.

As the party finishes cleaning up, they make plans to leave the Fat Seraph. Death interrupts the party by saying they must leave, now. He says Death approaches swiftly. The party dashes out into the rain and makes their way to the slave district.

Noctis knows a man named Fenn, the so-called “Lord” of Lower Corso. He claims Fenn can offer them refuge from the rain and chase from the Reconciliators. As they close in on Fenn’s location, they hear an ear piercing roar from the direction they came from.

Helveitios, their newly acquired god of death, announces the Hellmaw has arrived. The party dashes to Fenn’s hideout and convince the thugs to allow them to see Fenn. The Hellmaw leaves a path of destruction through lower Corso on its way to the slave quarter, where the party is located, and the thugs rush into the building, almost locking the party outside. With some quick thinking by Eluvita and fast reactions by Korric, the party manages to squeeze their way inside.

It appeared Fenn was busy, so the party made its way to a set of stairs on the opposite side of the room leading downward, and hopefully further from the Hellmaw. Fenn catches sight of the party, however, and gives them chase to the caves below.

Upon reaching the caves, the party waits for Fenn. After much convincing and truths revealed, the party comes to an agreement with him. They will be his troubleshooters in exchange for a room and protection from the Reconciliators.

Fenn gives them their first target, a woman named Gunn. She is, apparently, an information broker. He would not give them the specifics, he just needed her brought to him. The party rested overnight in the sea caves below Fenn’s hideout.

It was here, Noctis decided to reveal some of his secrets to the party. He revealed the role he played within his guild, and who his target was; Eluvita. Bonds shattered and were reforged. Tentative friendships were made and the backgrounds from all the characters came to light.

A plan was formed to find this Gunn and discover what secrets she has regarding Korric’s scroll and the reason Fenn wants her, before turning her over. What secrets does she hold? Will the party turn her over to Fenn, or will she prove to be an ally?

Just a note: This was an incredibly rich role playing session. I felt like a bystander watching as events unfolded before my eyes. The characters revealed their backgrounds and forged bonds. It was one of the most AWESOME sessions I’ve been lucky to be a party of. Thanks, fellas!


Stryfe484 Stryfe484

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