Empathic Savior Who Speaks For The Land, Goddess of Nature


Physical Description

  • Short and lean.
  • Bedecked in hand-stitched leather and furs.
  • Wild, shoulder-length, silver hair.
  • Club and sickle on her belt, short bow and arrows on her back.
  • Active, suspicious eyes.


I’m trying out “Ash’s Guide to RPG Personality and Background”.

Primary Motivations
  • Self-Discovery (uncover the mystery of her past)
  • Beneficence (defend the helpless, protect the innocent)
Emotional Disposition
  • Anxious
  • Volatile
Personality Traits
OUTLOOK Optimistic < – - – - – - – - + > Pessimistic
INTEGRITY Conscientious < + – - – - – - – - > Unscrupulous
IMPULSIVENESS Controlled < – - – - + – - – - > Spontaneous
BOLDNESS Intrepid < – - – - – - + – - > Cautious
AGREEABLENESS Agreeable < + – - – - – - – - > Disagreeable
INTERACTIVITY Engaging < – - – - + – - – - > Reserved
CONFORMITY Conventional < – - – - – - – - + > Heterodox
Sense of Humor
  • Gleeful/None
Religion and Spirituality

This is an interesting one given the nature of the campaign. This is merely a starting point, and once the big reveal happens will certainly change.

RELIGIOUS DEMEANOR – Expression of Beliefs none
RELIGIOUS DEMEANOR – Converting Others never
RELIGIOUS DEMEANOR – Attitude humble
Quirks, Habits, and Oddities
  • Needless Apologizing
Hobbies and Enjoyments
  • Playing an Instrument (flute)
Mental Disorders
  • Amnesia

She awoke in the desert sand, alongside a stranger dressed in black. In another land, the sun would have been baking them to death. Here in the Nightland, the frigid wind leeched the moisture from their bodies.

“Where am I?”, she thought to herself, “Who…am I?”

She looked down at the stranger lying on the sand. Somehow, she sensed that the man needed her help. She knelt to touch him, and felt a powerful surge of warmth flow down her arm and into the man. He gasped and moaned in response. His eyelids flickered briefly, but did not open.

Startled, she leaped to her feet, the hot desert wind whipping sand around her head. She stared at her hands. How had she done that? Her body seemed to draw the warmth back into herself with a jolt, and she closed her eyes and felt a wave of calm wash over her, steadying her nerves and slowing her fluttering heartbeat. She looked down at her hands again turning them over and back. It felt natural.

“I can heal”, she thought to herself, more a confirmation than a question.

In the distance, to the East (how did she know that?), she saw the lights of habitation. Many buildings of varying heights, a city. Looking around, she saw a trail of footprints start a short distance away, and trailed off in the direction of the lights. Someone else had been here…who? That person would know who she was, wouldn’t they?

A low moan arose from the stranger at her feet, but his eyes remained shut.


She nearly yelped. The man had not spoken, she had not seen his lips move. But she had heard his voice in her head as surely as if he had. They shared some kind of connection, the two of them. For now, the nature of that connection would need to remain a mystery. Her first priority was to get the two of them to shelter. They needed warmth, and water.

She squeezed her eyes, “…can you walk?” she thought, hoping he would understand.

“Y-y-yes, I think so.”, the voice in her head replied.

Kneeling, she looped one of his arms around her neck, and then straining, pulled both of them to their feet. He seemed semi-conscious, and was able to remain on his feet with her help. She began pulling him, staggering with every step, toward the city…

A week had passed since arriving in the city. The man in black had introduced himself as Noctis, and had told her that her name was Eluvita. She had asked how he knew that, but that had only caused him to knit his eyebrows, and shake his head in frustration. It seemed that he had lost memories as well.

They had not caught the figure she had seen. Other than her name, she had no memory of how they had come to be unconscious in the desert. She had gone out into the city several times, hoping beyond hope to recognize someone, or something, or see the spark of recognition in someone else’s eyes. But nothing. She was scared, and lost, and Noctis notwithstanding, very very much alone.


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