Perceptive Destroyer who Explores Dark Places, god of Finding Lost Items


As Korrick walked down the road he thought to himself, “I can’t believe I’m heading to Corso!”

Up to this point he has only been on the farm with an occasional trip into Hornscar. Korrick loved those trips to Hornscar with his father where he would be amazed by the scarred and all those ruins with their hidden lost treasures. During these trips to the Hornscar, his father would always treat Korrick with another book of the outside world. On one such instant, he received a book about Corso and its wondrous buildings and statues.

Until a week ago Korrick had no reason to think he would know any other life than the one on the farm. On his 26th birthday his parents confessed that they were not his real parents. They explained that he was found wandering in the woods not far from their home.

A couple days after being told that he was an outsider into this settlement of farmers, Korrick was reading a book about the god Cerissia when he fell asleep. He awoke at the steps of a ruin temple in the middle of the nearby forest. Korrick has always been a sleep walker but has been limited to the settlement of farmers. He jumped at the chance to explore the ruins and he found a scroll inside. On his way back to the settlement he was ambushed and the scroll was taken from him. After finally returning, his parents urged him to go to Corso to find the scroll.

Before he left, his parents gave him one last thing they found on him in the woods, a whip.

Just outside Hornscar, Korrick met up with another mint adventurer, Vorine. He too was traveling to Corso, but we got separated after Korrick slip off the edge of a sand dune. By the time I got back to the top, Vorine had run off.

“And now I’m just about to Corso. It’ll be an amazing adventure!”


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