Naive Shaper Who Rides The Lightning


Vorine looks, to those who can’t see his Nimbus, like a pretty normal boy in his late teens. He has very dark brown hair and green eyes, and stands a few inches short of six feet tall.

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Though he didn’t know it, Vorine had a pretty good life. Working on a farm not far from the settlement of Janom, he had everything a boy needed. Loving parents, food on the table, and safety from the dangers of the world. All he could see, however, was how small their valley was. Even those few explorers who went outside rarely went very far.

Vorine grew up dreaming of the outside world. Where others saw danger, he only saw potential adventure. So as he grew older, he spent a lot of time begging the explorers for stories, trying to learn as much as he could. He assembled maps, plotting his adventure to come.

When he was fifteen, a being came to him in his dreams. It promised to teach him how to use magic, to protect himself in the outside world, and he accepted. Each night it would appear in his dreams, for the next year, teaching him. He would practice during the day, often neglecting his farm duties. Finally, just before his sixteenth birthday, the being told him he had learned enough. He would be back, however, to extract his price later.

Vorine didn’t worry about this too much. Instead, he focused on his plans. On turning sixteen, he became a man, and could venture outside. His family and friends weren’t happy, but there was no convincing him, he was going. He packed supplies, said his goodbyes, and ventured out.

Like with all explorers, Vorine’s memory was wiped magically of all knowledge how to get back into the valley, with the expectation that watchers on the cliffs would see him returning and let him in. However, he ventured further out than almost anybody else, following stories of populated lands to the southeast, and realized he had no idea how to even get back to those cliffs to be seen.

This panicked him a little, but he had no choice except to go forward. Eventually, his travels took him to a city called Corso, though his trip was far from safe. He had already been attacked a couple of times for no reason he could see. He did notice, however, that his magic was starting to always take the shape of lightning.

Outside the city, as he was approaching, he came across a woman being attacked. Instinctively interfering, Vorine threw a lightning bolt at the attacker. He must have been using magic of his own, however, as there was a bright flash of light and both woman and attacker were unconscious on the ground. Vorine, in fact, thought they were dead.

Not wanting to be caught with two dead bodies, he didn’t even stop to confirm that they were dead. He just ran, heading further into the city. It was only later, when he saw them again, that he realized they were alive. They didn’t seem to remember the battle, however, and in fact were getting along splendidly now. Vorine, perhaps unfortunately, was not going to tell them.


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