Rise of the Fallen

Information is Key

Fenn tasked the party with finding an information broker that goes by the name Gunn. While detailing the mission, Fenn’s lackeys branded the members of the party with his mark.

After some heated debate, the party made their way to the book district. Noctis noticed the party had a trail. Alijah circled around and verified these were Fenn’s men, keeping an eye on them.

As soon as he got the chance, he struck out. The party joined in the fray. During the battle, Eluvita was struck with a shuriken from an assassin, which Noctis and Vorine attempted to chase down.

The bulk of the party dealt with the thugs below while Vorine and Noctis attempted to capture the assassin. They had him cornered, but he slipped away from them. Noctis believes this assassin to be none other than Lann, the assassin who swore to take care of Noctis and Eluvita.

After regrouping, the party made their way to Flagg’s books. Flagg seemed very non-committal to the party. He denied knowing Gunn until the party convinced him they wanted to find her before Fennis. They were hoping to keep her out of trouble.

Flagg gave them a location and told them to meet Gunn there tonight. They perused the store since they had time to spare. Eluvita found an interesting book containing information about the previous goddess of nature, Xinesi. Vorine also found a rare tome containing information about the nation of Cavazel, which is now known as the Ruinscape.

They made their way to the warehouse Flagg directed them to, but heard a scream. They investigated to find nightmarish creatures attacking what appeared to be their quarry. They fought bravely and drove off the beasts. Now Gunn looks at them in awe, wondering who they are and how they have come to possess such power.


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