Rise of the Fallen

The Awakening

Noctis and Eluvita make their way through the Central Marketplace in search of a person or item to help jog their memories. The red torchlight that illuminates the majority of Corso gives way to the golden hued light from the lanterns that light the Marketplace.

The marketplace seems much busier than normal and people seem eager to be out and about. Is there a festival of some sort? The PC’s haven’t heard anything about it in their short time in Corso.

Korrick finds himself in front of a stall talking to a proprietor of old tomes and scrolls in search of his lost relic. The man seemed reluctant to talk about this particular scroll. After some convincing, he told Korrick there was an extravagantly dressed man who sold him the scroll before heading toward the Tower of Reconciliation. A person, whom he refers to as Gunn, bought the scroll for an extravagant price.

Vorine, recognizing Korrick, makes his way to the stall. After exchanging stories of what happened after their separation, Korrick tells Vorine about the scroll. Vorine tells Korrick that he’s heard of Gunn. She often roams the Book District, buying old tomes and scrolls.

The doors to the Tower slam open and a group of knights and a robed figure make their way toward the Central Marketplace.

Eluvita and Noctis start to leave when they spot others with a nimbus above their head. Vorine and Korrick stop to watch the procession, completely unaware of who and what the Reconciliators are. The procession stops in the middle of the Marketplace and the knight bows his head.

He looks up suddenly, drawing his sword and calling out to the fledgling gods. Noctis creates a distraction for Eluvita to run while Vorine and Korrick start to hurry away from the Marketplace.

Noctis manages to duck away after his ruse only to be caught by Alijah. After a brief exchange in which Alijah tells Noctis he knows him, Noctis uses the shadows to cloud Alijah’s memory and escape. Alijah, confused, heads back to the tower with the rest of the Knights and the bibliomancer.

Eluvita and Korrick manage to lose the Knight, but Vorine is caught at the bridge leading to the western half of Corso. After some quick thinking, Vorine calls upon the lightning to carry him to the other side of the river.

Alijah tells the bibliomancer, Corric, he has been ensorcelled. Corric helps Alijah overcome the ability that clouds his mind. He remembers the group of would be gods. He had been keeping tabs on them and decided to confront them at the Inn.

The two groups reunite at the Fat Seraph, owned by Harl. He owes Noctis a favor and looks out for him. While the group discusses the meaning of the Knight’s accusations and what their options are, Alijah makes his way to the Seraph. Unbeknownst to him, he has a tail.

Alijah asks the bartender about someone that may have been staying here. The bartender drugs Alijah and gets the rest of the party. They question Alijah and find out that he wants to join them as he believes he may be becoming one of them.
As he makes this revelation, they all hear the door crash open in the common room. There are footsteps just outside the kitchen as well.

A fight with the same group of Reconciliators ensues. The party manages to take out most of them, but keeps one of the Knights alive. He doesn’t offer much useful information and is killed by Eluvita.

It was quite an action packed session! What will they do with Alijah? What is their plan of action at this point? Find out in our next episode: “A Heavenly Touch?”


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