Clever Destroyer Who Walks With The Night


- Average height for a male with a somewhat lean but defined build
- Jet black hair that is short but unkempt
- Piercing eyes that seem to always be scanning his surroundings
- Graceful and agile movements, he almost seems to glide along when walking
- He wears dark clothes and almost always has his hood up, at night he almost seems to blend in to the shadows


“Without darkness there can be no light as without death there can be no life”

This was the motto of his order and Noctis firmly believed that death was a necessary part of life. He never question his orders and carried out his assignment in a serious and professional manner. Noctis did not particularly enjoy the kill as others of his order did, he merely saw it as something that had to be done. More targets than he could remember had been dispatched so swiftly that most barely new what was happening before they were being embraced by the night as he had come to think of it. He did not feel any remorse as he figured there was some greater purpose that was being fulfilled.

That all changed when he came upon the girl in the dessert that was his next target. They had given him special instructions on how to carry out this mission, which was unusual. He was only ever given a target and trusted to carry out the assassination as he saw fit. What instructions he was given he could not remember and his memory was still fuzzy from the incident when he had encountered her.

The only thing he remembered is when he had crept up to her unnoticed as he always was, she had seemed curious to him and his discipline had faltered for just an instant. It was in that moment that he was discovered as he tried to pull the shadows around him, something he had discovered was possible recently. He tried to push the shadows into her mind to cloud her memory, another handy trick he had recently learned. Thats when something had gone very wrong and the next thing he knew he was waking up being nursed back to health by the very person he was supposed to end.

This made him feel some sort of remorse which was so foreign to him. With his memory still hazy and him so curious to discover what had happened to himself he knew he could not complete this mission regardless of the consequences. Also he was starting to feel indebted to her for being so kind to him even though she was unaware of why they had met. For now he would travel with her and hope they could recover their memories.


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